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May 2019

Summer cautions!

Chlorine damage


We all know to take care of ourselves with good nutrition and exercise, so our joy will not be ruined by pain. But, little things can cause us great harm.

Likewise, our jewelry needs protection. Studies are proving that the exposure to chlorine in pools and hot tubs, as well as household cleaners, will damage jewelry. Prong failure can occur in only 21 hours with 5% chlorine heated to 110 degrees. When using 5 parts per million bromine as found in hot tub chemicals, prongs can fail after 384 hours, or, 192 days based on 2 hours per day, 7 days per week. Your jewelry may look nice after leaving the water, but damage HAS BEEN done!

Please don’t wear jewelry when you are swimming in pools or using hot tubs. Be careful when using chlorine cleaners. And, DON’T wear jewelry when you work out at the gym. You bought your jewelry to enjoy, not to be repaired repeatedly. Care for your jewelry and it will give you years of use and enjoyment.
Bring your jewelry to me to be inspected and cleaned, and I’ll do it for FREE! Anytime!

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