The top engagement ring trends for 2018 revealed

If you’re hoping your significant other will pop the question soon, then you might want to point them this way. Pinterest has released its 2018 Wedding Report and it appears unique engagement rings are back in fashion. More brides-to-be are ditching diamonds and opting for unusual stones and art deco rings. According to Pinterest the three types...
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December Birthstone Part 3

Turquoise Turquoise is among the oldest known gemstones- it has been mined since 3,200 BC. It graced the necks of Egyptian Pharaohs and adorned the ceremonial dress of early Native Americans. This robin egg blue hued gemstone has been attributed with healing powers, promoting the wearer’s status and wealth, protection from evil and brings good...
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Why you should update your appraisals every 2 to 3 years

Owning a piece of jewelry, no matter the price range, is a meaningful keepsake for many people. Many celebrate a special occasion with a piece of jewelry or receive a special item as an inheritance. Most people own at least one piece of jewelry. This may include necklaces, earrings, engagement and wedding rings, antique jewelry,...
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