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Our new Custom Studio

Custom Studio: The Best Jewelry App for Our Customers

We are excited to announce the addition of another great tool to Dale Robertson Jewelry’s tool chest. Custom Studio’s innovative jewelry app is delivering a high-tech revolution as our customers enjoy easily creating custom jewelry at the tip of their fingers, and, it’s FREE! The industry’s best jewelry app allows our customers to design or redesign pieces to their own specifications, creating exactly the piece desired by downloading the app on their laptop or mobile device.

There’s nothing on the market like Dale Robertson Jewelry’s Custom Studio app, offered in partnership with a leading diamond importer/jewelry manufacturer based near Atlanta. The app’s Edit button makes designing fun and simple even for a jewelry novice. It’s as easy as connecting with our store, who links the consumer’s device to the app. From there, you can play with your choice of thousands of designs or even designs discovered and downloaded from the Internet.

With a click of a button, the “designer” chooses among many colors, stone shapes, shanks, halos and metal fillers, clicking and dragging elements onto the image of a ring, pendant, bracelet or earrings. You can even draw on the design, inserting engraving or their own handwriting.
With the Share button, you can take a piece you’ve created and share it with friends and family for reaction and input. The Share button is useful for us as well as we can send brilliant, high-res images with SKU number to you.

Other features include an Appointment button, allowing you to set up in-store appointments directly through Dale Robertson Jewelry’s Custom Studio. The app, when used in our store, also creates a universal, shared communication portal with store employees picking up messages and responding without delay.
The internal message system within the app links the retailer to customers, providing direct communication and collaboration.
To learn more about the app, visit www.customstudiousa.com., or connect with the app at https://tinyurl.com/ydanadv7. Register your app using code 5900.

The Christmas “Sing”


Christmas at our house was always a very festive time of the year, and finding just the right tree topped our list of importance when it came to decorating. Tree hunting was a family affair that included my dad, my mother, my little sister, and me. It always seemed like we had to visit every tree lot in town before we found the perfect tree. But, once we were gathered around our specially-picked tree that we had decorated “just so,” we were very pleased with our efforts.

Another of our family traditions was to gather around the piano on Christmas Eve and sing Christmas carols. This Christmas was no different . . . with Mom playing the piano, we began working our way through the Christmas carol book, each of us choosing a favorite. As we concluded every song, Mom would tap repeatedly on the middle C saying, “This just doesn’t sound right.” Not being pianists, we all kind of shrugged our shoulders and went on to the next song.

Finally, after a half dozen songs she’d had it. Standing up she said, “There really is something wrong with this key!” and asked my father to lift the lid of the piano so she could see why the key wasn’t hitting right.

As Mom looked down into the piano, she exclaimed, “Well, no wonder! There’s something stuck on one of the wires.” She reached in to remove it and further exclaimed, “Somebody taped something on here . . . what’s going on?”

Mom fiddled with the tape for a few seconds and popped up with a beautiful emerald stud earring held up for inspection between her thumb and forefinger. She turned around to see all of us with these lovingly goofy grins on our faces as my father held out the box containing the other earring. “Merry Christmas honey, from all of us.”

2016 Engagement Ring Trends

You want to propose – maybe this Christmas or on Valentine’s Day, and you’re on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring. Display windows are filled with so many choices that you’re experiencing sensory overload. Have no fear: we’re going to make picking the ring of her dreams a little easier for you.

Just like new car models come out every fall, new engagement ring styles tend to debut in the spring and summer. So we’ve done some advance work, walking trade show floors and scouring social media to find styles that are trending. Take a look at what we’ve discovered, and maybe you’ll spot the perfect ring for your bride-to-be.

Floral Motifs

Flowers have long been used as tokens of romantic love. Floral-themed jewelry extends the timeless tradition to the finger. Not surprisingly, we’ve been seeing engagement rings that capture the delicate beauty of the flower.

Floral ring. Erika Winters Fine Jewelry

Antique Rings

Antique engagement rings are in, and particularly suited to those looking for something out of the ordinary. This mid-Victorian (circa 1850 – 1870) will flatter the finger of any new bride. It also has a timeless beauty that says, “Our love will last against the passing years.”


Colored Center Stones

The diamond is the undeniable queen of the engagement ring. But colored stones have been tugging at her gown for a good few years. The trend still continues, with some brides opting for colored stones instead of diamonds.


Split Shanks

Rings with split shanks are enjoying their moment in the spotlight. Perhaps it’s because the single shank has been in style for so long. Perhaps the split shank offers a larger palette for designers to add touches of elegant detail. Whatever the reason, it’s popular with brides-to-be.


Stack It

Look at pictures from any red carpet event, and you’ll see that stackable rings are hot. The style has now spilled into the bridal category.


Mixed Metals

Engagement rings featuring a halo mounting (a center stone encircled by smaller diamonds) have become a classic. Inventive designers are now playing with the design by using two different metals in the ring.


Pear Shaped Diamonds

Pear-shaped diamonds are en vogue. They are a charming alternative to the ever-popular round brilliant. They can be stunning.


Some social media outlets are touting that engagement rings with mixed-metal prongs and square bands are trending. We haven’t seen this, but that doesn’t mean these rings aren’t beautiful or fashionable choices.

Round Brilliant Diamond

Of course, you can always buck the trends and opt for the iconic round brilliant diamond mounted in a six-prong setting.  Simple, classic, and the ultimate way to showcase the beauty of diamond, you can be sure this style won’t go out of style any time soon.


Now that you know what’s trending in engagement rings, you might be able to narrow down your choices.  Have no fear – the ring of her dreams is out there, just waiting to be found. Your treasure hunt can end at Dale Robertson Jewelry where I have designs like these for every taste, desire and budget. #wheretruelovegetsengaged

Source: GIA 4 C’s Blog

5 Ways to Share Wedding Photos Online (That Aren’t Facebook)

Wedding hashtags have become a staple in today’s wedding world. It seems like a simple way for anyone who takes pictures during the event to categorize them so the bride and groom can easily find them later.

The problem is it’s not easy to comb through every social media site searching for a hashtag that may have been used improperly or forgotten altogether.

And that’s how wedding photo sharing apps came to be.

The Purpose of Photo Sharing Apps

Countless developers, and even some novice entrepreneurs who went through the same hashtag struggle with their wedding, have come up with apps that aim to make gathering and sharing wedding photos online painless.

The challenge is there are quite a few choices and not a lot of general public knowledge on the topic.

So, some eager members of our staff who are engaged or recently married tested five of the top ways to share wedding photos online and we summarized the results for you.

Check them out below, in increasing order of recommendation.

5. Wedding Photo Swap

The simplest of the five apps our testers reviewed, Wedding Photo Swap is a good choice if you’re afraid you’ll confuse your guests with too many choices.

The only functionality this app features is uploading, categorizing and sharing photos.

Guests access by downloading the app, where they can natively snap photos that automatically upload, or they can upload photos they’ve already taken using their main camera app. You can also upload directly to the website or email to a unique address if you take photos the “old-fashioned way” and wish to upload later.


  • Simplicity
  • Ease-of-use
  • Multiple albums to separate events


  • Can’t upload videos
  • Can only download photos with a paid upgrade
  • No additional functionalities

Wedding Photo Swap   Wedding Photo Swap

Wedding Photo Swap

4. WedSocial

The most unique feature of WedSocial can either be its greatest advantage or greatest disadvantage.

This app is integrated with WeddingWire, which is really nice if you already plan to use that site, but may be difficult otherwise. All your wedding details are pulled right from your WeddingWire site, and according to our testers, there doesn’t appears to be another way to change even your date within the app itself.

Once you get things set up and synced with your account, this is another pretty simple and easy-to-use choice. The app offers a bit of additional functionality in the form of event and hotel information for your guests, but it’s not so busy that it will overwhelm any non-tech-savvy attendees.


  • Simple, clean app interface
  • Ability to upload via hashtag on Instagram
  • Filters available for editing photos


  • No separate albums to categorize different wedding activities
  • Can’t upload videos
  • No cool extras like a countdown or live slideshow

WedSocial    WedSocial


3. Capsule

Capsule proved the most difficult app to rate. It has some really great features, but it’s hard to get past the less than attractive app interface and confusing difference between the app and website.

This app has most of the features our testers saw with any of the options, including the widest variety of upload methods. With Capsule, you can download the CapsuleCam app, email photos to a unique address, hashtag them on Instagram, or upload photos or videos directly to the site.

Capsule also features integration with The Knot, so your photos will sync to your albums on your wedding website as well.

If their app to more closely matched the design and functionality of their website, Capsule would be a top contender for our testers.


  • Most upload methods
  • Integration with The Knot
  • Wide range of functionality including download and purchasing photos, a guest list, and group messaging


  • Multiple albums are available, but each has its own access code
  • Videos can only be uploaded via the website
  • No filters available for photo editing

Capsule    Capsule


2. Wedding Party

It was a close call between these top two choices. Wedding Party has a modern, sleek app interface that’s pretty simple to navigate. The design is a huge upgrade from third place Capsule.

This app features everything from multiple albums to a live slideshow as photos are added. Beautiful filter options allow you to edit your photos before posting, and all are downloadable and shareable to both Facebook and Instagram.

Wedding Party also includes additional functionalities like a guest list, group messaging, a wedding countdown, and a planning section with advice before the big day. This app can be a one-stop shop for all information your guests may need since you can also add events, accommodations and registry details.


  • Across the board functionality
  • Simple, attractive app interface
  • Robust FAQ and help section


  • Can’t upload videos
  • Can’t directly purchase prints from app

Wedding Party    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

1. WedPics

WedPics boasts that they’re the #1 Photo and Video App for Your Wedding, and our testers can’t argue.

With a truly beautiful and color-customizable interface, WedPics makes you feel like their app is truly a part of your wedding, not just an add-on.

The app features the full range of functionality with multiple albums, video upload, filters and photo editing tools, photo downloading, purchasing and social sharing, a guest list, countdown and a live slideshow. The only feature we found elsewhere that WedPics doesn’t have is native group messaging.

Visit their website and you’ll also find a blog with wedding advice and support if you have any questions about using the app.

There are definitely a lot of different things you can do with WedPics, which is one of the reason we rated it so highly, but you also don’t have to worry about confusing your guests as WedPics provides multiple ways for you to share instructions via text, email, printed cards and more.


  • Full array of functionality
  • Beautiful, customizable app interface
  • Multiple ways to instruct guests on usage


  • No group messaging feature

WedPics    WedPics


In Conclusion

While there will always be more traditional ways to share your wedding photos online, photo sharing apps have really come a long way.

It’s nice to be able to keep your photos private until you are ready to share with the social media world.

When you simply ask guests to hashtag their photos, that automatically means they will be uploading them to various social sites for all their friends to see. With these apps, only those you invite with your unique code will have access until you decide which ones you want to share socially.

Which app you choose depends on what you want to get out of it:

If you want super simple photo gathering, go with Wedding Photo Swap.

If you already have a WeddingWire site, WedSocial is likely to fit your needs and simplify your setup.

If your guests are huge Instagram fans, you might choose Capsule so they can simply hashtag to upload.

If you want to manage your entire wedding with your app, you’ll like the functionality offered by Wedding Party.

If you want the full suite of features in an app that feels built for your wedding, go with WedPics.

Or test them all ahead of time … they’re all free!


Source: info.jewelersmutual.com/the-jewelry-box/5-ways-to-share-wedding-photos-online-that-aren-t-facebook




How Earring Backs Became the Talk of Twitter

Earring backs

It’s a social media sensation that’s sparked stories on the Today show, EOnline, and the Us Weekly and New York magazine websites. It all started when an apparent teenager named Chelsea Smith, who has less than 1,000 Twitter followers, shared her duh realization about earrings with the world: “After my nineteen years of living i have now realized that you are supposed to take the plastic part off.”


Her comment has now been retweeted some 44,000 times, and favorited another 42,000.

The realization “shocked a lot of people to their core,” wrote EOnline. New York magazine said the tweet is “dividing women into warring factions and threatening to undo all of Taylor Swift’s hard work to make girls be nicer to each other.” Today warned: “You will never look at earrings the same way again” and added “it seems the entire Internet has been weighing in on the debate.”

Well, maybe not the entire Internet, but it gave other Twitter-ers plenty to sound off about:

@Chelsea__Smithh I honestly had no idea! You’ve opened me up to a whole new world.

@Chelsea__Smithh it only took me 33 years AND YOUR TWEET.

Matthew Perosi, founder and CEO of the Jeweler Website Advisory Group, says he hasn’t seen a social media sensation like this since “the dress.”

“I am surprised by how much attention this has gotten,” he says. “Jewelers should get in on this, it’s a fun one. Perhaps they can say: If you don’t like your backing, we’ll have a backing swap. There are lots of creative possibilities.”

Lately, social media has become known for its unfortunate ability to generate online lynch mobs. But the debate over this earring issue—and calling it an “issue” probably gives it more significance than it deserves—shows that, at its best, it can be a lot of fun.

It can also be enlightening. The freewheeling discussions on social media can sometimes spark better consumer insights than standard methods such as focus groups. Who knew that such confusion reigned over plastic earring backs?

Of course, no one can precisely pinpoint why this tweet caused such a fuss, while other messages, sometimes on weightier topics, end up ignored. But Perosi points out that the original tweet struck the perfect tone for social media and advises jewelers to take note of it.

“There are a lot of jewelers who overthink social media,” he says. “It can just be a tidbit of knowledge, or saying, ‘Look at this cool thing.’ ”

“It’s not supposed to be a place to sell. It’s like a cocktail party. It’s trying to get someone to remember your name.”

Source: How Earring Backs Became the Talk of Twitter (JCK Online)

Fun Information – Why do we give engagement rings?

Presenting an engagement ring during a proposal — be it a diamond, gemstone, or totally unique metal band — has been a custom for so many generations that no one really knows why we even do it. Thanks to our etiquette experts, we’ve uncovered some fun facts about that oh-so-special piece of jewelry. Here, a basic history of the engagement ring.

Engagement rings have been credited all the way back to Ancient Egypt, but instances of exchanging rings goes back to Ancient Greece and Rome, too.
In ancient Greece married couples weren’t the only people who gifted each other gold jewels for their fingers — lovers did too (but with the inclination that they’d tie the knot soon enough)! In Ancient Egypt, men wore rings to symbolize their wealth, hence sharing one with their wife to represent the joint ownership of riches. Ancient Rome took the exchange one step further by having a betrothed couple’s parents exchange tokens too.

In the 11th century, the church sanctified the importance of rings.
And then in the mid-16th century, it was incorporated in the wedding ceremony to take on a crucial role.

Way back when, only kings and queens wore precious stones.
There were even legends created about the gems!

Colorful birthstones as engagement rings have been popular since the Middle Ages.
Sorry celebs. But these vibrantly-hued gems really gained traction during the Victorian era.

Diamonds were only discovered in the mid-1800s and were worn by the social elite.
Unsurprisingly, between World War I and the Depression, people stopped toting around diamonds as much. By the late 1940s, though, they became a permanent fixture in engagement rings again once De Beers created one of the most lucrative ad campaigns in history with the catchphrase “A Diamond Is Forever.”

Source: Brides Magazine

Happy birthday July!


Ruby is derived from the Latin word ruber, meaning red, the color of passion. Ruby gemstones have been esteemed
since ancient times and are mentioned in the Bible as one of the gems used to represent one of the 12 tribes of Israel,
during Exodus. Kings and queens have long enjoyed this rare gem and rubies are amply represented in royal regalia.
Rubies remain one of the most popular gems in history.
Rubies come in many shades of red. Rubies tend to be priced by color. The closer a gem is to the vivid red “pigeon’s
blood” color, the higher the price.

14th and 15th Wedding Anniversary
Ruby sources include Afghanistan, Cambodia, Greenland, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Vietnam. Myanmar (Burma) is known to produce some of the world’s finest quality rubies.
Ruby belongs to the mineral species corundum and is related to sapphire.
Ruby is a durable gemstone with a hardness of 9 (out of 10) on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness.
Rubies are sometimes heat treated to increase their transparency and clarity. A more recent type of treatment uses high lead glass to fill pits and cracks in the stones at high temperatures. Oil and dyes may also be used, but these treatments are not considered durable. Information about any ruby gemstone known to be treated will be disclosed to the buyer. Ruby can be man-made, meaning it is manufactured in a lab rather than mined.
Ruby jewelry can be scratched, so do not pile together with other jewelry when storing. Keep ruby jewelry in a padded container, especially when traveling. Ruby jewelry is best cleaned with warm, sudsy water and a tightly woven microfiber cloth. Do not use mechanical cleaners for fractured or filled gemstones.

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