Step 3: Clarity

Because of their unique optical properties, diamonds, more than any other gemstone, are capable of producing the maximum amount of brilliance. While minute crystals of diamond or other minerals are contained in almost all diamonds, a diamond that is virtually free of inclusions and surface markings will be judged as flawless, when viewed by a trained professional. In these diamonds, nothing interferes with the passage of light or spoils the beauty. But these diamonds are extremely rare and will command a high price.

To determine a diamond’s clarity grading, it must be examined under a 10x magnification by a trained, skilled eye. The minute inclusions inside make every diamond unique. These are, in fact, nature’s fingerprints and do not mar the diamond’s beauty nor endanger its durability. Without high magnification, you may never see these inclusions. However, the fewer inclusions, the rarer your diamond will be.


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