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Engaging Facts

By November 21, 2013 Diamonds, Information, Sharing







From Brides Magazine


Ever wonder what the most popular month is for engagements? Curious about how many brides were actually surprised when the question was popped? Click through to get the scoop on how many men would actually don an engagement ring and more!

1)      The most popular month to become engaged is December. Will your Christmas be brilliant?

2)      61 percent of guys consult with their girlfriend before buying the ring.

3)      27 percent of brides call their best friend first after the proposal.

4)      Cost of the average engagement ring: $5,229 dollars

5)      Percentage of brides who change their Facebook status soon after they get engaged: 75 percent.

6)      Approximately 2,000 couples get engaged every year at Disney World.

7)      29 percent of men would wear an engagement ring.

8)      The average length of engagements: 14.7 months.

9)      75-100 couples take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty every year to propose.

10)  Percentage of couples who take engagement photos: 69 percent.

11)  7 percent of our Facebook readers dated for 3 months before they got engaged.

12)  62 proposals were made on the Jumbotron at Fenway Park in Boston in 2011.

13)  37 percent of brides were completely surprised by the proposal.

14)  46 percent of couples announce their engagement via Facebook.

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