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Our new Custom Studio

Custom Studio: The Best Jewelry App for Our Customers

We are excited to announce the addition of another great tool to Dale Robertson Jewelry’s tool chest. Custom Studio’s innovative jewelry app is delivering a high-tech revolution as our customers enjoy easily creating custom jewelry at the tip of their fingers, and, it’s FREE! The industry’s best jewelry app allows our customers to design or redesign pieces to their own specifications, creating exactly the piece desired by downloading the app on their laptop or mobile device.

There’s nothing on the market like Dale Robertson Jewelry’s Custom Studio app, offered in partnership with a leading diamond importer/jewelry manufacturer based near Atlanta. The app’s Edit button makes designing fun and simple even for a jewelry novice. It’s as easy as connecting with our store, who links the consumer’s device to the app. From there, you can play with your choice of thousands of designs or even designs discovered and downloaded from the Internet.

With a click of a button, the “designer” chooses among many colors, stone shapes, shanks, halos and metal fillers, clicking and dragging elements onto the image of a ring, pendant, bracelet or earrings. You can even draw on the design, inserting engraving or their own handwriting.
With the Share button, you can take a piece you’ve created and share it with friends and family for reaction and input. The Share button is useful for us as well as we can send brilliant, high-res images with SKU number to you.

Other features include an Appointment button, allowing you to set up in-store appointments directly through Dale Robertson Jewelry’s Custom Studio. The app, when used in our store, also creates a universal, shared communication portal with store employees picking up messages and responding without delay.
The internal message system within the app links the retailer to customers, providing direct communication and collaboration.
To learn more about the app, visit www.customstudiousa.com., or connect with the app at https://tinyurl.com/ydanadv7. Register your app using code 5900.

The top engagement ring trends for 2018 revealed

If you’re hoping your significant other will pop the question soon, then you might want to point them this way.

Pinterest has released its 2018 Wedding Report and it appears unique engagement rings are back in fashion.

More brides-to-be are ditching diamonds and opting for unusual stones and art deco rings. According to Pinterest the three types of engagement rings that are trending are makes getting down on one knee a little more stress-free.

The top engagement ring trends for 2018 have been announced by Pinterest (stock image)

Images of moissanite (synthetic) gems have increased by 294 per cent in popularity on Pinterest, art deco rings have gone up by 173 per cent and oval stones have risen by 125 per cent by people pinning them on the social media platform.

Speaking to FEMAIL, the gemologist and Director at Pluczenik, Grant Mobley, said that oval rings were proving to be the ”it’ shape this year.

‘The most recent standout diamond shape has certainly been the oval, and it’s predicted to continue to gain popularity through 2018,’ Grant said.

Art deco rings have are trending up by 173 per cent on Pinterest (stock image)

If you’re looking to channel the shape of the season, Grant said it’s all about the oval-shaped ring, which can be seen on the likes of Blake Lively (pictured)

Just a few celebrities who have been spotted with oval diamond engagement rings are Blake Lively, Kirsten Dunst, Serena Williams and Ashley Greene.

‘What many don’t realise is that elongated diamond cuts such as the oval usually appeal larger next to the same size round, or square cut diamond.

‘This size illusion makes a great choice for an everlasting investment.’

Grant also said three-stone rings were having a moment, thanks to royal-to-be Meghan Markle.

Speaking to FEMAIL, the gemologist and Director at Pluczenik, Grant Mobley (pictured), has shared the top engagement ring trends for 2018.

‘Three stone rings have been around for a long time, but their popularity has increased following some high-profile engagements such as Meghan Markle (pictured),’ Grant explained

He said this style of ring was a classic and would never go out of fashion.

‘Three stone rings have been around for a long time, but their popularity has significantly increased following some high-profile engagements such as Meghan Markle,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Meghan’s gorgeous three stone engagement ring has a cushion shape centre diamond, and side diamonds from the late Princess Diana – the ultimate family heirloom.’













According to the gemologist, three stone rings are ‘an amazing option because their design possibilities are endless – diamond shapes and colour can be any combination you like’ (pictured: Meghan Markle with Prince Harry)

Consider this your perfect ring choice if you’ve got an heirloom in the family, and haven’t found a home for it yet (pictured: Meghan Markle)

According to the gemologist, the three stone rings are an ‘amazing option because their design possibilities are endless – diamond shapes and colour can be any combination you like, making this a true classic option’.

Consider this your perfect ring choice if you’ve got an heirloom in the family, and haven’t found a home for it yet.


Ashley Greene (pictured) also wears an oval-shaped engagement ring.

By Sophie Haslett and Sheree Mutton For Daily Mail Australia

2016 Engagement Ring Trends

You want to propose – maybe this Christmas or on Valentine’s Day, and you’re on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring. Display windows are filled with so many choices that you’re experiencing sensory overload. Have no fear: we’re going to make picking the ring of her dreams a little easier for you.

Just like new car models come out every fall, new engagement ring styles tend to debut in the spring and summer. So we’ve done some advance work, walking trade show floors and scouring social media to find styles that are trending. Take a look at what we’ve discovered, and maybe you’ll spot the perfect ring for your bride-to-be.

Floral Motifs

Flowers have long been used as tokens of romantic love. Floral-themed jewelry extends the timeless tradition to the finger. Not surprisingly, we’ve been seeing engagement rings that capture the delicate beauty of the flower.

Floral ring. Erika Winters Fine Jewelry

Antique Rings

Antique engagement rings are in, and particularly suited to those looking for something out of the ordinary. This mid-Victorian (circa 1850 – 1870) will flatter the finger of any new bride. It also has a timeless beauty that says, “Our love will last against the passing years.”


Colored Center Stones

The diamond is the undeniable queen of the engagement ring. But colored stones have been tugging at her gown for a good few years. The trend still continues, with some brides opting for colored stones instead of diamonds.


Split Shanks

Rings with split shanks are enjoying their moment in the spotlight. Perhaps it’s because the single shank has been in style for so long. Perhaps the split shank offers a larger palette for designers to add touches of elegant detail. Whatever the reason, it’s popular with brides-to-be.


Stack It

Look at pictures from any red carpet event, and you’ll see that stackable rings are hot. The style has now spilled into the bridal category.


Mixed Metals

Engagement rings featuring a halo mounting (a center stone encircled by smaller diamonds) have become a classic. Inventive designers are now playing with the design by using two different metals in the ring.


Pear Shaped Diamonds

Pear-shaped diamonds are en vogue. They are a charming alternative to the ever-popular round brilliant. They can be stunning.


Some social media outlets are touting that engagement rings with mixed-metal prongs and square bands are trending. We haven’t seen this, but that doesn’t mean these rings aren’t beautiful or fashionable choices.

Round Brilliant Diamond

Of course, you can always buck the trends and opt for the iconic round brilliant diamond mounted in a six-prong setting.  Simple, classic, and the ultimate way to showcase the beauty of diamond, you can be sure this style won’t go out of style any time soon.


Now that you know what’s trending in engagement rings, you might be able to narrow down your choices.  Have no fear – the ring of her dreams is out there, just waiting to be found. Your treasure hunt can end at Dale Robertson Jewelry where I have designs like these for every taste, desire and budget. #wheretruelovegetsengaged

Source: GIA 4 C’s Blog

Fun Information – Why do we give engagement rings?

Presenting an engagement ring during a proposal — be it a diamond, gemstone, or totally unique metal band — has been a custom for so many generations that no one really knows why we even do it. Thanks to our etiquette experts, we’ve uncovered some fun facts about that oh-so-special piece of jewelry. Here, a basic history of the engagement ring.

Engagement rings have been credited all the way back to Ancient Egypt, but instances of exchanging rings goes back to Ancient Greece and Rome, too.
In ancient Greece married couples weren’t the only people who gifted each other gold jewels for their fingers — lovers did too (but with the inclination that they’d tie the knot soon enough)! In Ancient Egypt, men wore rings to symbolize their wealth, hence sharing one with their wife to represent the joint ownership of riches. Ancient Rome took the exchange one step further by having a betrothed couple’s parents exchange tokens too.

In the 11th century, the church sanctified the importance of rings.
And then in the mid-16th century, it was incorporated in the wedding ceremony to take on a crucial role.

Way back when, only kings and queens wore precious stones.
There were even legends created about the gems!

Colorful birthstones as engagement rings have been popular since the Middle Ages.
Sorry celebs. But these vibrantly-hued gems really gained traction during the Victorian era.

Diamonds were only discovered in the mid-1800s and were worn by the social elite.
Unsurprisingly, between World War I and the Depression, people stopped toting around diamonds as much. By the late 1940s, though, they became a permanent fixture in engagement rings again once De Beers created one of the most lucrative ad campaigns in history with the catchphrase “A Diamond Is Forever.”

Source: Brides Magazine

How Light Affects a Diamond’s Appearance | GIA 4Cs Blog

“Shine bright like a diamond,” is a phrase that can be understood in a variety of ways, depending on the diamond light source. In fact, there’s often a noticeable change in how a diamond appears in sunlight, in candlelight, and under artificial light. This change proves the importance of understanding how light affects a diamond’s appearance.

It All Begins with Diamond Cut

Diamond cut is often confused with shape, but they are very different. Diamond shape refers to the general silhouette or outline of the stone; diamond cut refers to its facet arrangement. Of the 4Cs of diamond quality (color, clarity, cut, and carat weight), cut is the most complex and technically difficult  “C” to assess. The proportions, facet arrangement and finish (quality of polish and quality of symmetry) constitute what we call cut. These define the diamond’s ability to transmit light and sparkle so intensely — proving the quality of cut is crucial to a diamond’s final beauty and value.

A diamond’s facet arrangement is key to understanding how your diamond interacts with light and its surrounding environment. Think of your diamond’s facets as a complex series of mirrors reflecting the environment. A round brilliant colorless diamond has an astounding 58 facets or “mirrors” that show the reflection of its surroundings, including you.


Every time the diamond moves, or if you move past the diamond, you see a mesmerizing display of glinting lights and colors, as light reflects on the facets and the facets reflect light on each other. This symphony of reflected light is made up of brilliance (the total light reflected from a diamond), fire (the dispersion of light into the colors of the spectrum), and scintillation (the pattern of light and dark areas and the flashes of light or sparkle when a diamond is moved).

Try it for yourself:  See how the diamond changes its look depending on how far or close you hold it from your gaze.  It will also respond differently to a diffused lighting environment – for example, fluorescent light bounced off of a white ceiling. Or to an environment with a dark ceiling and spot lighting only.  And its look will even be influenced by the color and lightness or darkness of the clothing you wear.

As you shop for diamonds pay close attention to a diamond’s interplay with light and your personal preference for the pattern of light and dark areas caused by the reflections within the diamond. Ask your jeweler to show you diamonds under different lighting conditions so you can compare looks between store lighting and daylight or incandescent light.


Consider the lighting conditions you’ll wear the diamond most, and ask to view the diamond under those conditions.  For example, if you work in an office under fluorescent lighting, ask to see diamonds under fluorescent lights until you find that one diamond whose sparkle and brilliance seems to speak just to you.

And once you’ve purchased your diamond, remember that facets are like mirrors and mirrors work best when they’re clean. So to maximize your diamond’s play with light, make sure to keep it clean by following these simple diamond cleaning tips.

It’s captivating to see how a diamond’s appearance can change in relation to its surroundings. Seize the opportunity to find out which kind of light complements your diamond best by exploring different environments.

Diamond cut quality and the surrounding environment play a significant role in how light interacts with the faceted stone. What scenery do you think maximizes your diamond’s brilliance?

To enjoy another gemstone’s reaction to light, you might also like alexandrite’s color change. Check it out in Phenomenal Gems.

Main image photo by Robert Weldon/GIA

Source: How Light Affects a Diamond’s Appearance | GIA 4Cs Blog

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings are Making a Comeback!

Yellow gold may have a rep for looking dated, but the classic metal is making a comeback (along with vintage-inspired rings in general!). What’s the appeal of this pure form of gold? It’s about as low maintenance as it gets. Yellow gold is the most hypoallergenic gold, and is easier to clean than white or rose gold. Not to mention, it’s priced lower than other fine jewelry metals like platinum. Whether you’re in the market for a modern take on a old classic, or looking to give off a fabulous nostalgic vibe, we can’t get enough of this trend!

Check out our favorite yellow gold engagement rings below!

yellow gold engagement rings

1. Ring by Simon G Jewelry 2. Ring by Demarco 3. Ring by Frederic Sage 4. Ring by 25karats 5. Ring by Mark Broumand 6. Ring by Tiffany 7. Ring by Danhov 8. Ring by Ritani 9. Ring by Tacori


WhoSource: The Knot – Yellow Gold Engagement Rings are Making a Comeback!

5 Times You Really Should Take Your Engagement Ring Off | BRIDES


He liked it so he put a ring on it, and now you don’t want to take said ring off? We completely understand. However, if you want your bling to continue shining bright like a diamond for a really long time (and we know you do!), it’s important to not wear it while you’re busy doing these five things.

1. Working Out

Before you break a sweat, it’s a good idea to take that pretty little ring off. “The materials used in diamond jewelry, platinum and gold, are to a certain degree, soft,” explains Mr. David Watling, De Beers Head of Diamond Centre. So if you rock your ring while participating in certain activities that put pressure on these metals, you risk changing their shape. “And if the shape of a ring is bent enough, you then risk bending the claws that hold the diamond and your diamond falling out.” Same goes for sports; if you play soccer, basketball, tennis or participate in any other physical activity, do yourself a solid and keep your ring in a safe place, preferably at home, so you won’t accidently damage it during competition.

2. Moisturizing

Lotions and moisturizers may be great for your skin, not so much for your ring though, as excess build up can diminish the brilliance and dull your stone over time. To protect your rock and ensure a cloudy layer of film doesn’t form on it, wait until your hands have completely dried before slipping your bling back on.

3. Primping

Did you know that cosmetics, hair sprays, perfumes and other substances and chemicals commonly used by women could cause build-up of grime, weakening the natural sheen of your ring? According to Nadine Tacorian Arzerounian, president of operations and design for Tacori, it’s true! “I take off my rings the moment I walk into my house so I can seamlessly move through my nightly routine, whether that be cleaning, cooking or showering, without concern of taking my rings on and off,” she says. Want to get rid of the grease on your diamonds? Watling recommends gently rinsing them with hot water and mild dishwashing liquid. “When doing this, don’t forget to first secure the sink or use a bowl,” he warns. “Then dry your jewelry with a cotton or linen towel before using a polishing cloth for a sparkling finish.” You can also clean your diamonds using the jewelry cleaner available at my store to keep the brilliance you want.

4. Swimming

Never, ever, ever wear your expensive jewelry in the ocean or in the pool! For one, cold water “shrinks” your fingers, making it that much easier for an already loose engagement ring to disappear during a swim. Chlorine, on the other hand, can damage and discolor the mounting of your ring and your platinum, gold or white gold wedding band.

5. Cleaning

Not only can you easily bang up your engagement ring on tough surfaces (think bathroom counters, kitchen floors, etc.) cleaning the house, but you can also do serious damage to the stone and setting. You can even potentially alter the color, thanks to harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia found in many common household cleaners.

via 5 Times You Really Should Take Your Engagement Ring Off | BRIDES.

Championship Rings

Seahawks’ Super Bowl Ring Was Half the Weight of the Patriots’ Colossus From Nine Years Earlier

With Super Bowl XLIX right around the corner, we’d like to point out that not all NFL Championship rings are created equal. Did you know that the ring earned last year by the defending champion Seattle Seahawks was barely half the weight of the one captured by the three-time champion New England Patriots nine years earlier?


In real-world terms, Super Bowl rings range in size from from really large to gargantuan. The latter defined the ring commemorating the Patriots’ Super Bowl XXXIX victory in 2005, when quarterback Tom Brady led his team to its third Super Bowl title in four years.

That ring weighed a stunning 110 grams, one of the largest in NFL history. Its weight was equivalent to a roll of 44 pennies, or a touch under a quarter of a pound. A Patriots lineman told sports-rings.com that the ring was so big and so heavy that it was impossible to wear.


The recent Seattle Seahawks 2013 Championship ring was diminutive by comparison. Weighing in at a modest 56 grams, the ring was one of the smallest in recent Super Bowl history.

Apparently, the NFL maintains an unwritten rule that the size of the ring — and its diamond content — must be in relation to the number of championships won. The more championships, the bigger and more blingy the ring can be.


When the Patriots won Super Bowl XXXVI in 2002, the commemorative ring weighed approximately 70 grams. When the team won the NFL championship again in 2004, the ring grew to a then-record 100 grams. After taking the title for the third time in 2005, the ring set a new record at 110 grams.

Despite is relatively small size, the design of the Seahawks’ 14-karat gold ring contained 104 diamonds, 40 blue sapphires and a neon-green tsavorite that represented the Seahawk symbol’s eye.

The super-sized Patriots’ ring commemorating the team’s third Super Bowl was also designed in 14-karat gold and featured 124 diamonds with a total weight was 4.94 carats.

It was reported at the time that Corey Dillon and Keith Traylor, both of whom were fitted with a size 17, ordered the largest ring sizes.

The NFL awards 150 rings to the Super Bowl victor and spends approximately $7,000 per ring. Teams that have won multiple Super Bowls, as will be the case with Seahawks and Patriots, are allotted a higher budget for diamonds. Ring designs typically use larger marquise-shape diamonds to represent footballs, and each football represents a championship.

Winning teams may present Super Bowl rings to whomever they choose, and these could include players, coaches, trainers, executives, personnel and general staff. Some teams have awarded Super Bowl rings to former players and coaches.

Teams often create “B” and “C” level rings — designs with faux diamonds or fewer diamonds — for distribution to the front office staff.

Photos: NFL.com

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