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“I almost lost my diamond?!?” the woman gasped. All the jeweler could do was to nod his head, “Yes.” The woman had stopped to have her jewelry cleaned and the jeweler noticed two prongs holding her diamond had been worn completely away, endangering the security of her diamond. Fortunately, the broken prongs were on opposite sides of the diamond. Had the prongs been on the same side, the diamond would have already fallen out of the ring. Close call

I’ve seen this same scenario too many times. Like changing the oil in your car, or checking the tire pressure, your jewelry needs regular care and maintenance. Most jewelers are happy to inspect and clean your jewelry. For my entire career, I have offered this as a free service. I’d rather check your jewelry often than to have a story similar to this. It only takes a “minute” to make sure your diamonds and gemstones will stay in the mountings while your jewelry is brightened at the same time. I also offer two other services for your jewelry. Be sure to come in soon, just in case. I really don’t like, “OML!!!!” Or, worse.

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