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December Birthstone Part 2



Tanzanite is an exotic, vivid blue, kissed by purple hues. Legend has it that tanzanitetanzanite
was first discovered when some brown gemstone crystals lying on the dry earth were
caught in a fire set by lightning that swept through the grass-covered hills. The Masai
herders driving cattle in the area noticed the beautiful blue color and picked the
crystals up, becoming the first tanzanite collectors.

Tanzanite has the beauty, rarity and durability to rival any gemstone. It is the ultimate
prize of a gemstone safari. Tanzanite is mined only in Tanzania at the feet of the
majestic Mount Kilimanjaro.

One of the most popular blue gemstones available today, tanzanite occurs in a
variety of shapes and sizes and also provides a striking assortment of tonal qualities.
Rarely pure blue, tanzanite almost always display its signature overtones of purple. In
smaller sizes, tanzanite tends toward the lighter tones and the lavender color is more
common. While in larger sizes, tanzanite typically displays deeper, richer color.

Tanzanite is so hot, it was the first gemstone added to the birthstone list since 1912 by the American Gem Trade

Virtually every tanzanite is heated to permanently change its color from orange-brown to the spectacular violet-blue color for
which this precious gemstone variety is known.

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