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5 Ways to Share Wedding Photos Online (That Aren’t Facebook)

Wedding hashtags have become a staple in today’s wedding world. It seems like a simple way for anyone who takes pictures during the event to categorize them so the bride and groom can easily find them later.

The problem is it’s not easy to comb through every social media site searching for a hashtag that may have been used improperly or forgotten altogether.

And that’s how wedding photo sharing apps came to be.

The Purpose of Photo Sharing Apps

Countless developers, and even some novice entrepreneurs who went through the same hashtag struggle with their wedding, have come up with apps that aim to make gathering and sharing wedding photos online painless.

The challenge is there are quite a few choices and not a lot of general public knowledge on the topic.

So, some eager members of our staff who are engaged or recently married tested five of the top ways to share wedding photos online and we summarized the results for you.

Check them out below, in increasing order of recommendation.

5. Wedding Photo Swap

The simplest of the five apps our testers reviewed, Wedding Photo Swap is a good choice if you’re afraid you’ll confuse your guests with too many choices.

The only functionality this app features is uploading, categorizing and sharing photos.

Guests access by downloading the app, where they can natively snap photos that automatically upload, or they can upload photos they’ve already taken using their main camera app. You can also upload directly to the website or email to a unique address if you take photos the “old-fashioned way” and wish to upload later.


  • Simplicity
  • Ease-of-use
  • Multiple albums to separate events


  • Can’t upload videos
  • Can only download photos with a paid upgrade
  • No additional functionalities

Wedding Photo Swap   Wedding Photo Swap

Wedding Photo Swap

4. WedSocial

The most unique feature of WedSocial can either be its greatest advantage or greatest disadvantage.

This app is integrated with WeddingWire, which is really nice if you already plan to use that site, but may be difficult otherwise. All your wedding details are pulled right from your WeddingWire site, and according to our testers, there doesn’t appears to be another way to change even your date within the app itself.

Once you get things set up and synced with your account, this is another pretty simple and easy-to-use choice. The app offers a bit of additional functionality in the form of event and hotel information for your guests, but it’s not so busy that it will overwhelm any non-tech-savvy attendees.


  • Simple, clean app interface
  • Ability to upload via hashtag on Instagram
  • Filters available for editing photos


  • No separate albums to categorize different wedding activities
  • Can’t upload videos
  • No cool extras like a countdown or live slideshow

WedSocial    WedSocial


3. Capsule

Capsule proved the most difficult app to rate. It has some really great features, but it’s hard to get past the less than attractive app interface and confusing difference between the app and website.

This app has most of the features our testers saw with any of the options, including the widest variety of upload methods. With Capsule, you can download the CapsuleCam app, email photos to a unique address, hashtag them on Instagram, or upload photos or videos directly to the site.

Capsule also features integration with The Knot, so your photos will sync to your albums on your wedding website as well.

If their app to more closely matched the design and functionality of their website, Capsule would be a top contender for our testers.


  • Most upload methods
  • Integration with The Knot
  • Wide range of functionality including download and purchasing photos, a guest list, and group messaging


  • Multiple albums are available, but each has its own access code
  • Videos can only be uploaded via the website
  • No filters available for photo editing

Capsule    Capsule


2. Wedding Party

It was a close call between these top two choices. Wedding Party has a modern, sleek app interface that’s pretty simple to navigate. The design is a huge upgrade from third place Capsule.

This app features everything from multiple albums to a live slideshow as photos are added. Beautiful filter options allow you to edit your photos before posting, and all are downloadable and shareable to both Facebook and Instagram.

Wedding Party also includes additional functionalities like a guest list, group messaging, a wedding countdown, and a planning section with advice before the big day. This app can be a one-stop shop for all information your guests may need since you can also add events, accommodations and registry details.


  • Across the board functionality
  • Simple, attractive app interface
  • Robust FAQ and help section


  • Can’t upload videos
  • Can’t directly purchase prints from app

Wedding Party    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

1. WedPics

WedPics boasts that they’re the #1 Photo and Video App for Your Wedding, and our testers can’t argue.

With a truly beautiful and color-customizable interface, WedPics makes you feel like their app is truly a part of your wedding, not just an add-on.

The app features the full range of functionality with multiple albums, video upload, filters and photo editing tools, photo downloading, purchasing and social sharing, a guest list, countdown and a live slideshow. The only feature we found elsewhere that WedPics doesn’t have is native group messaging.

Visit their website and you’ll also find a blog with wedding advice and support if you have any questions about using the app.

There are definitely a lot of different things you can do with WedPics, which is one of the reason we rated it so highly, but you also don’t have to worry about confusing your guests as WedPics provides multiple ways for you to share instructions via text, email, printed cards and more.


  • Full array of functionality
  • Beautiful, customizable app interface
  • Multiple ways to instruct guests on usage


  • No group messaging feature

WedPics    WedPics


In Conclusion

While there will always be more traditional ways to share your wedding photos online, photo sharing apps have really come a long way.

It’s nice to be able to keep your photos private until you are ready to share with the social media world.

When you simply ask guests to hashtag their photos, that automatically means they will be uploading them to various social sites for all their friends to see. With these apps, only those you invite with your unique code will have access until you decide which ones you want to share socially.

Which app you choose depends on what you want to get out of it:

If you want super simple photo gathering, go with Wedding Photo Swap.

If you already have a WeddingWire site, WedSocial is likely to fit your needs and simplify your setup.

If your guests are huge Instagram fans, you might choose Capsule so they can simply hashtag to upload.

If you want to manage your entire wedding with your app, you’ll like the functionality offered by Wedding Party.

If you want the full suite of features in an app that feels built for your wedding, go with WedPics.

Or test them all ahead of time … they’re all free!


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