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What’s Trending for 2016, part 2


Every year around the end of May and beginning of June, thousands of jewelry manufacturers and retailers gather for three days to determine what you’ll buy in the coming months and season. It is overwhelming and intense. There’s so much to see and to choose from. And, there’s so much at stake. If a design is chosen and the consumer doesn’t like it, the jeweler takes a financial hit. If the design is a hit and the jeweler hasn’t ordered enough, they risk losing customers. If the jeweler didn’t buy into the design, they’ll lose business and customers. It’s not as easy as one might think.

Here’s a list of jewelry consumers love for 2016, so far.

  • Social media and influencers are helping to drive trends.

While posting on social media sights are thought to drive some trends, it’s the “influencers” – bloggers and popular Instagram users who are focusing on style and fashion – have something to do with what brides are looking for. Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram have great impact on what’s trending.

  • The average engagement ring price is about $6000.00

A survey from The Knot last year found the average price of an engagement ring is about $6000.00. The average price of a loose diamond from an independent of chain store will be about the same. When you add in a branded ring for a special look or a custom, most couple will pay a little for that value, driving prices upward.

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