We’re passionate about your jewelry

We demand the best jewelry we can find. There’s too much jewelry out there that’s ordinary. That’s why we make so much of our jewelry just for you.

Our attention to the smallest detail gives you better jewelry

Your jewelry is always thoroughly examined using magnification to check that everything is right and to our standards.

Our standards are uncompromising

We don’t settle for just, “OK,” or, “It’s good enough.” If we’re not happy with how your jewelry is made, we’ll redo it so it meets our standards.

We care about you and your jewelry

Your jewelry is important to you. You’re important to us. That’s why we care for each piece of jewelry as if it were our own. We use ethically sourced diamonds, gemstones, gold and platinum and are always recycling our metals.

 We make your jewelry and that makes the difference

We could sell some of the cookie cutter jewelry the mall and big box stores sell, but we and our friends demand better.

We are creating jewelry just for you

Your jewelry is part of you. It tells the story of who you are, your likes and your passions. Only custom jewelry can do that correctly.

Every life has a story to tell. Jewelry makes each life story memorable and special.

From simple elegance to refashioned heirlooms, let us help you tell your story with jewelry. Your jewelry can be custom created. Or, it can be one of the many exquisite pieces already waiting for you in our showcases. Either way, your jewelry will be just what you want. We have been serving friends for over 48 years. They have asked us to make heirlooms to celebrate life’s moments. You can enjoy the personal and professional service many have thought of days gone by. We love helping people, making friends and having fun. You won’t find a stuffy store here. As a custom jeweler and more, you’ll be able to have the jewelry you want.

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